Saturday, April 30, 2011

Long post!

What can I say?
I (of course) watched the Royal Wedding yesterday, solely for the hats and gown. I am in love with the tradition of hats! I bought this 40's one today shamelessly.

I realized recently that I don't take enough pictures, mostly because my new camera isn't rechargeable so the batteries are always dead. M got today off unexpectedly so we went a couple towns over to a place that is a little Amish enclave. We went to their huge flea market complex and then a couple of antique stores.

I found out today that all summer there will a farmer's market for locally grown organic veggies and they're dirt cheap. I got 6 lbs of huge nice tomatoes (oh, I love tomatoes), and a bushel of organic zucchini. I also got 3 loaves of fresh artisan breads. It came to 13 bucks for so much veg-friendly, food, I'm a little over-excited to have a great source for most of my summer groceries.

I found some cool random things too, like this ridiculous old (frontier?) bonnet

I thought it was cool, but I'm trying to keep my eccentricity on the DL and the bonnet screams crazy.

I saw this vintage (tapestry? covered), thing. Being used as an umbrella stand. It was so well made and really vivid

Speaking of weddings, I found this handmade white silk dress and jacket. It's from the late 20's and so beautiful. The dress isn't clipped either, she was a tiny little thing!

racks of vintage fabric

I love the Emerald colored glass in this weird harem/pimp lamp

Love the look and feel of these old cameras!

this pretty gray bead and glass flower necklace

my fave find today, a beautiful mandolin. I love them, and I kinda want to learn how to play

lots of flowers

I love 70+ yr old books!

I lost hubby for a second and later found him here, ha! I thought it was comical that they had a gun booth

M is an Army reservist, and in our town (and surrounding) there isn't really a military community. It's very rare to even see someone in uniform here. All day long today people stopped to thank M for his service and a few veterans stopped to talk for a while.

Little kids always point and smile, and every now and then someone will thank him, but he said he's never gotten so much in one day. I'm glad people take the time and remind him every once in a while that his sacrifices are appreciated.

God knows we've sacrificed so much during and after his last deployment. Just sayin!

the overcast washed us out, but this pic is a rare one of us both ha!

anyway, that's how I spent my day indulging my obsession for old things :)

and oh yeah, people stared all day cause I kept the white hat on! Does anyone else feel like hats on women is regarded as a bit out there?

Oh well, I'm predicting hats to be the next big thing. Here's hoping!

Friday, April 22, 2011

If the sun would just..come...out

It was a long, hard winter. I have never been as ready for the season to change as I have been the last couple of months.

Now, being Ohio, we've got monsoon weather which will eventually give way to suffocating humidity and blistering sun, but that's ok. I have a closet full of dresses to wear and a big tube of SPF 85. (I'm Irish) I will take that over cabin fever-winter-depression any day. (Although I did break my fave sunglasses, I can always get a new pair.)

We bought our house in June, 2008 ( I was 21 go me ;) and the yard had been overgrown and ignored for at least 5 yrs, and probably longer. In fact the house sat empty for a few years. Our lawn was less grass, and more crabgrass and dandelions. I don't mind dandelions, but I am a barefoot hippie in my own yard and crabgrass hurts.

So anyway, now that we've got most of our plants healthy, and our lawn about 60% grass, I'm ready to finally use my yard (with my hubby! who lived here approximately 4 months before he deployed) I've kept an eye on the yard the past couple of springs, and I finally know when good weather is upon us:

Yes, I need to rake.

These bushes (no idea what they are) run along the length of the front of my yard. They explode in bright yellow for about a week and a half before they turn green. This is my first sign that winter is over

I need to rake some more, yes. We planted this pink thing last year and it never bloomed, but it surprised me a couple days ago and shot up out of nowhere.

It made me really happy, because we were under quite a few inches of snow for the last 4+ months and I was so tired (still am) of a monochrome landscape. All gray or all white is boring and mind numbing.

Just this morning I found these little purple flowers popping up in all my clumps (for lack of a better word) of Ivy.

So, now you know that all it takes to put a smile on my face is a little bit of color

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Deployment (again): Viral Video linkup, WEEK 3

Deployment (again): Viral Video linkup, WEEK 3

SO, somehow I managed not to post anything for a week? Where does the time go?

Anyway I'm linking up again with some lovely Mil ladies and my choice this week is EXTREMELY PROFANE. So if you don't like foul language, I'd say skip it.

HOWEVER it is HILARIOUS and you WILL love it!

Yay for linkups, and here's hoping I'll get my stuff together enough to post more this week!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Deployment (again): Video Linkup, WEEK 2

I'm linking up to Gaile's blog today with my fave viral video. I haven't done a link up before (hope I don't mess it up ha)

I chose this one because I LOVE this song. And it's cute to see a Dad with his little girl (we're partial to that combo around here ;)
Join the linkup, and check out some viral videos, because if you're anything like me, you're too lazy to find them on your own! Ha!

Deployment (again): Video Linkup, WEEK 2