Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Cards!!!!!

*not my kids

This is my first Christmas as a married woman! Hawk and I weren't able to celebrate Christmas together last year, as he was deployed, but this year we intend to go ALL OUT! On the top of my to-do list is getting personalized Christmas cards. We send out cards every year, but this time we plan on sending Shutterfly Photo Cards! This is something I've always wanted to do, they're beautiful!

They have a lot of choices , and I'm having trouble deciding which one I like best. They have all kinds of designs I think we'll go with a black and white picture, with some simple trim. Maybe this one or this retro one

Shutterfly is the only picture printing company I've ever used, and they came out so beautiful, I was beyond satisfied. I just found out that they also sell calendars

that you can personalize with pics of the cute babies or soldier in your life!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Not a wedding post unfortunately

I was all set to write my wedding & honeymoon posts, when I got an insane Trojan from MY SCHOOL'S WEBSITE. So my computer got the blue screen of death and I had to wipe my hard drive. I lost all my pictures, but my husband has them on his portable hard drive. He just happens to be out of town doing Army stuff. So, they are coming (@Becky ;)but it'll be a few more days. Since I have no pics, and need to get back in the swing of things, I thought I'd do one of those "getting to know me" posts:

I am : a bibliophile.

I know : I'm going to kick ass at whatever job it is I end up in after college, even if I can't be a Librarian anymore

I have : a husband, little debt, my own house and a car with no payments

I wish : I wish I was carefree and less serious all the time

I hate : lies and fakeness

I miss : my Mom

I fear : nothing. I'm over fear!

I hear : travel shows that I dvr'd

I smell : apple cinnamon air freshener

I crave : an adventure!

I search : for farmhouses we could potentially buy in the next couple of years

I wonder : why everyone sucks so much, sometimes.

I regret : ever letting fear stop me from ANYTHING

I love : possibilities

I ache : well, my heart does when I see a Victorian house I can't own & lovingly restore

I am not : good at defining myself

I believe : Mumford & Sons music changed my life. Maybe I'll explain why soon

I dance : when I'm drinking, which is so rare

I sing : all day, every day.

I fight : for what I believe in

I win : trivial pursuit like a BOSS

I lose : everything smaller than my hand

I never : eat meat?

I always : start a book and am consumed for 5 hours

I confuse : myself 100% when any math harder than algebra is involved!

I listen : to mournful music all the time.

I can usually be found : reading cooking or exercising

I am scared : of house fires.

I need : new running shoes

I am happy about : my upcoming adventures

That was hard, actually.

Tell me something about YOU that I didn’t know!