Friday, November 19, 2010

Not a wedding post unfortunately

I was all set to write my wedding & honeymoon posts, when I got an insane Trojan from MY SCHOOL'S WEBSITE. So my computer got the blue screen of death and I had to wipe my hard drive. I lost all my pictures, but my husband has them on his portable hard drive. He just happens to be out of town doing Army stuff. So, they are coming (@Becky ;)but it'll be a few more days. Since I have no pics, and need to get back in the swing of things, I thought I'd do one of those "getting to know me" posts:

I am : a bibliophile.

I know : I'm going to kick ass at whatever job it is I end up in after college, even if I can't be a Librarian anymore

I have : a husband, little debt, my own house and a car with no payments

I wish : I wish I was carefree and less serious all the time

I hate : lies and fakeness

I miss : my Mom

I fear : nothing. I'm over fear!

I hear : travel shows that I dvr'd

I smell : apple cinnamon air freshener

I crave : an adventure!

I search : for farmhouses we could potentially buy in the next couple of years

I wonder : why everyone sucks so much, sometimes.

I regret : ever letting fear stop me from ANYTHING

I love : possibilities

I ache : well, my heart does when I see a Victorian house I can't own & lovingly restore

I am not : good at defining myself

I believe : Mumford & Sons music changed my life. Maybe I'll explain why soon

I dance : when I'm drinking, which is so rare

I sing : all day, every day.

I fight : for what I believe in

I win : trivial pursuit like a BOSS

I lose : everything smaller than my hand

I never : eat meat?

I always : start a book and am consumed for 5 hours

I confuse : myself 100% when any math harder than algebra is involved!

I listen : to mournful music all the time.

I can usually be found : reading cooking or exercising

I am scared : of house fires.

I need : new running shoes

I am happy about : my upcoming adventures

That was hard, actually.

Tell me something about YOU that I didn’t know!


  1. That was cute! I am looking forward to the wedding and honeymoon post though. I miss you SO much!

  2. Hey Birdie! I'm your swap partner! SO excited! : ) Hope you are having a lovely Thanksgiving. :)

  3. Hi Birdie, I did some shopping and have your gift ready. If you wouldn't mind shooting me an email at brandishive @ with your address I'll get this out in the mail. : )

  4. Yay! Questions are such fun!
    You don't eat meat...are you veg, or you just don't frequent meat? I'm not much into the stuff at all...kind of creepy, no?


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