Monday, January 25, 2010

Deployment. KISS MY ASS

Its been a year since DF deployed. His orders were for 400 days and he will be home in about 6 weeks. We dont have a date yet so I cant even look forward to it yet. You learn that fast, being in a mil family, don't believe any date because it'll change every single day. I dunno if the other branches are this ridiculous, but the Army Reserves are so disorganized that it makes life hell. Most of my friends turned out to be self-absorbed assholes so I pretty much cut everyone from my life. Also, DF's family didn't even try to keep in touch with him, so they're out too. He doesn't care, I don't care. All we do care about is each other, he's been so excited lately planning the wedding that he's like a little kid. Obviously in our relationship things are backwards. He's the one excited about the wedding, he is the one that wants kids, I remodel the house by myself LOL. My big scary soldier spends all his free time looking at table settings online. My life cracks me up, I feel like I'm in a cartoon sometimes. Gotta laugh, otherwise I'll never stop crying...

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