Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wedding planning is making me craaaazzzy

So we can't decide if we want to elope to Vegas or have a small (as I can possibly make it) ceremony here in town. I'd like to have a ceremony, and I even have ideas for it. The problem is planning is overwhelming, as I am not the most organized of people. Another thing is, well, I lost my mom 3 years ago and I don't have that support. My entire family consists of my dad and brother. I don't have any extended family at all. As Hawk will be home in 3 weeks, and the wedding date is THIS October, I am going to have to start making some decisions asap.

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  1. I say elope. But Im sure I'd be outvoted by a lot of ladies on that. Hindsight, my wedding was just a day, I could have saved a lot of grief and run off somewhere warm with my husband and had just as nice a time... if not better!


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