Tuesday, November 10, 2009

One more full day for my baby before his flight

For the past 6 months I have been renovating my house by myself. I have projects going on in every single room and only so much time in each day, ha. I have completely overhauled my bedroom, ripping up 2 nasty layers of shag carpet, all the tack strip, baseborads, random nails padding and stapes etc. . . I am lucky because I have the original parquet floor underneath and it is very pretty. I was goign to lay laminate so thankfully I saved time and probably many headaches learning how to do that! I got all new furniture for the living room and set it up very nice. Finally my kitchen. Ah, kitchen, the bane of my F'ing existence. Before Hawk left he sanded down the doors (they had a very nice thick layer of laquer and nicotine on em). I let them sit for oh, 8 months or so (Im a procrastinator like you would not believe) and then finally began painstakingly doing alternating sides each day. 3 layers of paint later and some chic new hardware they are almost ready to hang. One more night of curing and thank god my kitchen will be done, and nice and bright!
Tomorrow I have a million errands to run and a ton of loose ends on my little projects that I need to tie up. Finally after 6 long months of my love being in Iraq (and 11 months since we spent any time together) my Hawk is FINALLY coming home for 2 decadent weeks of R&R. I don't think I have ever looked forward to anything this much in my life. I know things are going to be different but our relationship is stronger than any other I have ever seen. I somehow managed to find a truly good man so easily without even looking. I feel for all the girls out there that are looking for a good guy and don't believe they exist. My amazing Hawkeye may be one of a kind ;)

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