Thursday, September 10, 2009

My Hawk

So I really dont want to be one of those girls who's hubby is the center of the universe. I am a very independant, self-reliant person, but I gotta admit, ever since the man deployed I'm miserable. It isn't just normal being alone, as he is away fighting in a war. I have to worry about him 24-7 and it takes a toll. I am a college student and my financial aid got messed up this semester, due to me transfering schools. I now have 4 months to kill before class resumes. I currently don't work so I'm going stir crazy! I spend my day cleaning, playing with my 3 dogs, trying to motivate myself to workout, and reading. I'm so bored all the time. I will continue the job search, but it's hard because the Library System in Ohio has gotten their funding cut. There aren't many job openings, and since I don't have my Masters Degree yet, I'm usually unqualified.

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