Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Almost April

So...DAMN! This year is flying already! I have numerous friends with babies due anytime now. The weather is finally getting to be bearable. I've planned my garden out and started my seeds. I even spent St. Patrick's Day working on the yard and beginning to refinish my deck.

I'm glad winter is over. It was a long hard one. The hardest I can recall in my life. I had strep 3 times, then the flu, then I had 2 panic attacks in VERY public places. Ahh, I can be such a mess!

I start a new job next week. I'm happy I'll have something to do again.

(This is going in random directions)

I saw these very cool pics this morning, of tulips growing in Holland. It made me want to grow a field of monochrome flowers!

I am planting some flowers, including a silver rose bush. I picked it out because it seemed so unusual. As long as I manage not to kill it anytime soon, we'll see how odd they do grow.

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