Sunday, March 6, 2011

I finally had a chance to see Hawk this weekend. That's always nice ha! He works so much that we don't really see each other during the week. I'm hoping with the nicer weather coming we'll have more opportunities to get out and do things. It's been a long boring winter. Our spring projects are about to begin and I can't wait. We've chosen flooring and paint colors for our home remodel. I do most of the work myself, and I think it's the most useful hobby I've ever had. I'm going to tile my bathroom in a month or so, and I'm planning on documenting the overhaul here. Our house is stuck in 1975 and I love the modernization I've done so far. I just wish I had before pics. You guys would die.

I'm talking a wood paneled CEILING in the Master!
I have carpet to rip out and a popcorn ceiling problem I've yet to figure out yet.

But I'm excited :)

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  1. You have gotta take before pics so we can see the transformation! I am totally excited! I love to do stuff myself, but I am not to the level of tiling a bathroom myself, so you have to document so I can see! ha!


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