Friday, July 1, 2011

Almost the 4th!

I haven't been posting lately because my (brand freaking new) camera went haywire, and I'm waiting for it to be repaired & returned.

So here is some nice filler :P

MilSpouse Friday Fill-In
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Have you (spouse) ever considered joining the military and what do you think of dual military couples? submitted by Project Army Wife

I was in JROTC in high school. Which is really funny because I was gothic and had multicolor dreadlocks lol. I took my ASVAB when I was 19 and I was due to report to MEPS on a Monday, but that Friday I experienced something extremely traumatic that changed the course of my life. So, no I won't be part of Psy-Ops like previously planned :( lol. I think dual military couples are badass, of course. I also think it has to be really hard.

What is your idea of a perfect Sunday afternoon? submitted by A Few of My Favorite Things
Oh, man. I HATE Sundays so bad. I always have. They're so boring, and nothing is open. My ideal Sunday would be hitting up some quirky stores, a new book, and going to the dollar theater with my husband. Alternately shopping with my deployment wifey/bff would be a good use of time :)

What do you usually do for the 4th of July holiday? submitted by Anchor's Away
Growing up, we lived near downtown, so we'd always walk to our city's firework show, but they've changed things (not for the better) and we don't even bother with that anymore. Sometimes we swim, sometimes we cook out with my in-laws. It's actually still up in the air this year. My husband has fairly severe PTSD, and he can't really handle the fireworks anymore anyway. We'll surely find something fun to get into.

If they could make an Olympic event JUST for you that you know you'd medal in, what would it be? submitted by Pants are Confusing
Thrifting, hands down. I can walk into the lamest store in bfe and come out with a bag full of gorgeous items. Gold medal thrifter. It'll probably say that on my epitaph ha

What have you been doing to get yourself bathing suit ready for the summer? submitted by Not Just an Army Wife
I haven't worn a swimsuit in years, and it has nothing to do with my body and everything to do with the fact that I am as white as snow, and I don't want skin cancer. I have, however been working out. I had a goal to lose 25 lbs by my birthday. (25 by 25) and I'm currently down 7 with 6 weeks to go. I walk a lot, as I have 3 dogs. I do yoga a few times a week (I used to be an instructor) and I hike whenever possible.

As soon as my camera is fixed, I'll be back!

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